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22.06.2009 / Comics - Mattoti

 Mattoti did some crazy surealistic expressionist comics. I don't know if he still does comics or if he's just an artist today. 

Check the gallery

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21.06.2009 / Comics - Guido Crepax

 Guido Crepax from italy did the best female drawings. I love his style.

Check the gallery

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20.06.2009 / Comics - Enki Bilal

 As I got older I got into all these european comic artists. Enki Bilal had a special way of painting with Guache that gave all his drawings a dream like atmosphere. In one of his comics he predicted the fall of the iron curtain - two years prior. Pretty cool. Check the Gallery

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19.06.2009 / Comics - Cykelmyggen Egon

Cykkelmyggen Egon

Remember this classic childrens book?

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18.06.2009 / Comics - Jan Lööf

 Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved comics. My dad used to collect them also.

Jan Lööf was my favourite comic artist when I was a kid. He did childrens books (Min morfar er sørøver, det grønne æble etc.), children comics (Felix) and political comics for adults (Ville). He has a very naive style, but the stories where far from it. 

Check out the gallery.

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17.06.2009 / Horsens Bowl

Apparently they just had a bowl contest in Horsens. I designed the bowl in 2006 and I'm stoked to see that people are having fun in it. I hope other cities would let me design more of these.

Here's a gallery from 2006 

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16.06.2009 / Bobby Puleo

 A true originator.

This is a guy who has dedicated his career to find potential in the urban landscape, instead of just finding a clean 10 stair under a palm tree to do the hardest flip trick. Bobby Puleo is so inspirational.








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16.06.2009 / Jack Sabback - Moving in Traffic

 Another STREET skater that carries the heritage..........

Mr. Jack Sabback


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16.06.2009 / Pat Stiener Theories Of Atlantis Re-Edit

 It's not what you do, it's how, and where you do it.

I love Pat Stieners skateboarding.


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09.06.2009 / Vincent Alvarez

 Speed and an unpolished rawness that I really dig.



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06.06.2009 / Dennis Busenitz

 Nicolas postet this clip om the forum. Too good - Simply amazing


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05.06.2009 / David Lynch Interview Project

 A new episode of David Lynch' Interview Project

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04.06.2009 / Heelbruise

 A new brand to look out for. I think Richard Mulder has something to do with it?

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03.06.2009 / Beat Street

 This represents über cool to me in my pre skateboarding years (and still does). 

Breakdancing and playing "hønseringe" in the hall way at our school until the teachers came and kicked us out in the cold school yard. I dreamt about owning a yellow net cap, and being able to do "the worm".

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02.06.2009 / Frisko

 The weather calls for ice cream. Here's the Frisko poster from 1972-83

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01.06.2009 / A good week in CPH

 I love CPH. I had a super good week end with a bunch of friends. check the gallery for a fresh "Rister man Nis" sequence

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29.05.2009 / Gunes Özdogan

 I dig his skating


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28.05.2009 / Sct. Anna Gade Skole

 I designed this skate park about 9 years ago (2000 I think). It was my first skate park and the first concrete skate park in Denmark. Looking at it today, I would have done a lot of things different if I was to do it today. But I'm still somewhat proud to have made a place where people still are having fun. Within the near future I hope to get to do a redesign of the skate park. It will mainly be a new surface in concrete, but hopefully there will be a little extra money for new initiatives. If you have any sugestions, feel free to write.

By the way: The skaters in this clip rip - stoked.


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25.05.2009 / David Lynch

 So apparently David Lynch went on a 20,000 mile road trip throughout the United States and did a bunch of interviews with random strangers. Kinda like This American Life, but without the dulcet tones of Ira Glass to contextualize the rambling storytelling of everyday folk, and with explicitly Lynchian aesthetics thrown in for good measure. In the first clip from this 121-part series, note the conspicuous presence of a white picket fence and the droning refrain of shunting boxcars in the background. All we need is a dwarf and a backwards-talking blonde to make this real-life tale of one man’s triumph over cancer into a searing Inland Empire-esque nightmare. Check out the Interview Project website for the official trailer.


see the first interview here

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23.05.2009 / Lucas Puig again

 I hadn't thought of this trick. Pretty tech I reckon.


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