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15.01.2016 / Quasi interview
Da Alien Workshop gik konkurs sidste år startede team manager Chad Bowers og de tre Pros Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett og Tyler Bledsoe, Mother Collective, som blev til Quasi Skateboards. Men, hvad er Quasi, og hvordan blev det til.

When Alien Workshop collapsed last year team manager Chad Bowers and the three Pros Jake Johnson, Gilbert Crockett, and Tyler Bledsoe formed Mother Collective, which turned into Quasi Skateboards.

But what is Quasi and how did the name come about?

1. Let's hear it from Mr. Bowers himself..

Quasi is???a skateboard brand. Haha, I don't know. The name came about from threat of a lawsuit but it could have been called Quasi from the beginning. That name was actually in the running before we settled on Mother originally and coming back to it felt fitting.

2. I read that Quasi is pretty much a steak cut from the ass of a cow, did you know that?

We got cake!

3. What does Quasi mean to you? Do you go by the definition in the dictionary or do you have your own interpretation?

It's open to interpretation I guess. Who cares?

4. How do you come up with your graphics etc?

Take stuff in, put stuff out. We look at things, talk a lot, collaborate with the team riders, each other and some outside artists. Will Gaynor has been contributing from the start and we did a board and shirt with Dennis McGrath. Weed helps.

5. You had some graphics that were actual portraits, do you know these people personally or how did they come about?

Terrance McKenna and Will Oldham, those were commissioned works done by Will Gaynor. They were tributes in a way and were ideas that came about from talking to Tyler and Gilbert.

6. To me it seems crazy that you have posters, graphics on both sides of the deck etc - don't you want to make any money?

Yeah? Please send us your money! Wouldn't it be boring if we did it the same as everyone else.

7. What's the positive and negative sides of having a skateboard company in Ohio instead of in California? (if any)

The only real negative is the shit weather for a good part of the year and in some regards being removed from the rest of the industry. But that's a positive in a lot of ways too. Let's us kind of be out here on our own in a way. It's certainly cheaper to be in Ohio than in California and we get to be more closely connected to the east coast skate scene where most of our riders are living.

8. Any plans of making a full video in the near future or more solo parts like Gilbert Crockett's "Salt Life" part?

Yes and yes. Just takes time and money. But definitely something we'll be focusing on in 2016. Miami?

9. What about tours and/or AMs or flow riders? Anybody we should be on the look out for?

We just put Dick and Josh on the team. Those guys are both incredible and if you don't already fuck with them you will. We've got some flow riders too. No tours yet but we're doing some filming trips in the near future.

Thanks Chad!

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Quasi interview

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