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21.02.2011 / Brandon Westgate interview
En kende forsinket kommer her interviewet, hvor den unge, friske og skoaktuelle Brandon Westgate svarer på jeres spørgsmål om hans sko og hvor han opbevarer sin Nutella.

What are your hopes and expectations for 2011?

I'm planning on trying to film a bunch of stuff in Massachusetts just because I live so close and never take advantage of all the good spots. I think there will be a lot of Zoo and Emerica demo trips cause we're not filming for anything at the moment, and those are always fun.

Have you ever been naked with Ed Templeton?
Not that I know of.
How did you get such good pop? Is there any outside-of-skating training involved?

I don't know I just try really hard to get up or over something. I like to ride bikes that should help your legs out a little.

Do you think it is possible to one up your ender from Stay Gold?

We will see.

What and who inspires you to skate the way you do?

I just love going out with friends skating all day. 


It looks like you have gotten some inspiration from Donny Barley. What is it like to be his team mate?

Yeah Donny's one of the friends I would skate with a lot, he lives not that far. Donny is a great person and when he wants to shred he kills it and he can skate everything.

Are you two in any way related?

Not officially but I consider him like an older brother.

Backside kickflip
Foto: Cronan / Emerica

If MTV offered you your own show, would you do it?

No I just wouldn't want cameras following me around all the time then everybody watch you.

Where do you draw the line for sponsorships? Would you sign a deal with an alcoholic brand?

I don't know that would be a little crazy cause sponsor's always send there product and it would be like they were turning me into an alcoholic. 

What should it be about?

I guess just skating, whatever you want

Laces in or out?

My shoe laces? I guess out.

Is your new shoe the best you have ever skated?

Yeah I like it a lot the sole just feels really good on your foot and it skates really good.

Have you had anything to do with the design process?

Yeah I always loved the Jerry's, so I kinda went a lot of that. I never designed a shoe theres so much that goes into it.

I picked everything I liked about a shoe and try to make it into a good comfortable durable skate shoe.

How long did it take you to put your Stay Gold part and your new part together?

It took a few years to film the stay gold part, you just try to film as much as possible and try to make it better and better. My new part took about four or five months I had some left over stuff and skated as hard as I could.

Which of the two do you like the best?

I like them both I think Miner did a really good job putting them together and they were both so fun filming for.

Will you be coming to Copenhagen Pro this year?

I dont know yet maybe.

Where do you keep your Nutella?

I don't even know what that is.

Which color/flavour M&M's do you prefer?

I like the peanut M&M's

Brandon Westgates nyeste part. 

Brandon Westgates part i State Of Mind.

Her fortæller Brandon om sin nye sko og viser, hvordan man bruger den.

Stor crooked fra lille kicker
Foto: Emerica

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Brandon Westgate interview

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