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21.10.2008 / Elwood spørgerunde
Vincent Alvarez har svaret på vores brugeres spørgsmål og kåret en vinder. Læs hvad han har svaret og hvem der kan se frem til at få en Elwood pakke med posten.

Dette er spørgsmålene som Vincent Alvarez svarede på. Han kårede Søren Blom som vinder, da han mente, at det var det bedste spørgsmål. Tillykke til Søren!


From Søren Blom:
When you’re old, would you like to think of yourself as a skater that changed skateboarding? and if, then what would you like to have changed?

I think that when I’m older, I would like to think of myself as not only a skater who changed skateboarding, but an individual who put all of his heart into something that he really loved to do, and was able to show others that anything is possible, as long as it is for the right reasons, and done the right way. Not that there is any right or wrong reason, but many people who have much talent and dedication, can mislead other youth to the wrong direction of see things. So many people with power are very closed-minded nowadays…it’s crazy! I wish I could be able to change not only skateboarding, but anything else that needs change.

From Simon Johs Andersen:
Do you have some kind of rituals, that you have to perform before going for a trick? If so what do you do?

I wouldn’t say that I have any rituals. I could think of a trick and not even try it until like two years after I though about it. I think it sucks also when you have done something that you think is groundbreaking, and then you see it in the latest skate video. I guess it’s like universal communication or something like that. I just make sure that there is no one out there doing the exact same thing that I am, or vice versa.

What are you stoked on right now?
There are a countless amount of things that I am stoked on right now. Probably just not having that clock-in clock-out lifestyle that everyone is so forced to live like nowadays. I mean, there are numerous ways that people could’ve prevented that, but I guess that a lot of people get sidetracked and become self-conscious about the way they look or act. Excuse my language, but there are less and less people with that less “I don’t give a Fuck!” humble attitude.

From Jonas:
How did you start skating, and what did you think of it then?
What I can remember, I think I started skating because it was sort of a way to keep my brain exercised. Progression was always what I like. Whether if it was with school or anything else. It never ceases to amaze me that we can learn so much, but sometimes refuse to do so because of all the things we have in this world now that stop us. Back then when I started skating, I thought of it as sort of a gateway from whatever me and my family was going through, to a sort of heaven-like palace or aura. 

From Thomas:
Why don't you visit Denmark more often?

I never have been there before. I heard about it and it sounds nice. I think that I’ll start saving up for a trip to Denmark.

From Christian:
What's up with all the lipslide shove-it out'zzzz?
Probably some other type of mathematics on a skateboard that my brain can go through at times.

From Vladislav:
For how long have you been skating? How did you hook up with Chocolate? Do you train your legs for better pop? Do you smoke weed?
I have been skating for about almost 12 years now.
I hooked up with Chocolate through the team manager Sam Smyth. He seen me at the DC King of Los Angeles contest and was interested in me being a part of it. There was no “Sponsor me video” sent out. No middle man. No dream of being a Professional Skateboarder. Just skateboarding for the love of it and living my life. Plus, I have always been inspired by the way everyone at Girl does things.
I do not train my legs for better pop. I think that is something that comes natural and not forced. Just like how everything else is…or should be at least.
No. I do not smoke weed.

From Filip:
Have you ever tried a beer-bong, if yes, how many beers at once is your record?
No. I have never tried a beer-bong.

From Anton:
What kind of pizza do you like best?
I like pineapple and pepperoni with jalapeno pizza the best.

From Esben:
What are the top 5 songs on your iPod?
My iPod constantly stays on shuffle. Meaning every type of music or song can be on my top 5. For now I can say: Beatles, Wu-Tang, Marley, 

From Sebastian:
When did you start to focus more on skateboarding than an education? And what did you do to be seen and get sponsored?
I never started to focus more on skateboarding than an education. It was kind of hard for me to get the proper education that I…so to say…needed. And skateboarding for me, has always kept me out of trouble and so many other things that a teenager in this modern world can run into. I mean don’t get me wrong, I could’ve been a college graduate by now. But I guess the government doesn’t want that for me at this point in my life.
I pretty much just kept skateboarding and living my life the way that I wanted to without trying to depend on anybody or anything. Remained humble if any problems were coming my way. I didn’t worry about the glamour or money, and I did what I had to do in order to just survive and still be able to buy skateboards and other things that I needed. Less wants and more needs. I think that a lot of wants is what leads to a man’s ruin.




Vincent Alvarez har sagt ja til at svare på en stak spørgsmål fra WDBM.dk og vores brugere. Derfor vil vi nu bede alle, der ligger inde med noget de gerne vil vide om denne forholdsvist ukendte og unge mand, om at sende os en mail med deres spørgsmål.

Hvis man inkluderer sit fulde navn, sin adresse, hvilke modeller man gerne vil vinde og sine størrelser, deltager man i konkurrencen om et par bukser og en t-shirt fra Elwood.

Vi kårer en vinder når vi har fået svarene retur fra Vincent og bringer dem her på siden.

Send os dit spørgsmål inden den 1. oktober.

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