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19.08.2008 / En yankee i Alling-Åbro
Af: David McClymonds
Det måtte ske før eller siden. En yankee tog til festival i Allingåbro i den forgangne weekend. Her oplevede han hvordan noget af det mest kiksede over-there kan være hella cool i den jyske ødemark. Læs David McClymonds reportage fra Country Club 2008.

Have you ever tried to fish in the dark after drinking 10 tall cans of Budweiser and eating shit on the mini ramp?  Fishing hooks can be fucking sharp.
The annual Country Club Festival took place over the weekend without a single drop of rain.  Now that’s a Danish feat in itself, but the 200 festival-goers had to actually make it to Allingåbro in order to enjoy the free beer, mini ramp sessions and yes, fishing hole.
The event that actually did take place on a farm in the middle of nowhere hosted both skaters and skateboard sympathizers alike, but most really came to let their inner hillbilly out.

Plastic six-shooters, cowboy hats and fake mustaches were worn. Hay was strewn. One skater even drove a tractor there. Most of the wannabes, however, weren’t fully aware that it isn’t actually cool to be a hick in America, the home of trailer parks and Jack Daniels.
Garth Brooks could be heard over the loudspeakers, further proving that all-things dorky can be cool somewhere in Europe.
Most of the predominately male crowd came to skate one of the two miniramps.

The outdoor mini ramp stood next to the stage where skaters could thrash to the sounds of the punk bands the Guv’nors and Cola Freaks. JC Hawkins & His Model-A Playboys was also there to play country hits for the people attempting to square dance.
The main event of the day-long festival was the half pipe competition and consisted of a bunch of dudes skating the ramp at the same time.  That’s the way the competitions are held in rural Denmark: without knowing it actually started unless you understand Danish.  Eighties legend Nicky Guerrero took home the win, thanks to his mellow, clean and consistent style. 
Everyone was eventually served a delicious, home-cooked dinner so that they could drink more later on.  It isn’t a good idea to drink a lot of alcohol while having an empty stomach.

Two fat pigs did the job fine after being decapitated and slow-roasted next to the half pipe.  Apparently, pouring your beer all over the pigs gives it extra flavor.  Or maybe that guy was just drunk. There was a lot of gaming taking place at this year’s festival as well.
The “hit the nail into the log faster than everyone else,” the “straddle a log and knock the other guy off it” and the “shoot shot glasses with a pellet gun” games were popular.

The fishing hole was also a great place to spend part of the day. One could have smoked cigarettes and contemplated life while waiting for that big bite.  Nobody, however, actually caught any fish.
Later in the night, after the ramp was soaked with beer and the skaters intoxicated, the Texas Death Match took place. This is where everyone just starts skating at the same time, the last man standing being the winner. One of the bigger guys won after two rounds of drunkenly smashing into each other.

If this year’s Country Club Festival proved one thing, it would be simple.  Boys will be boys.

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En yankee i Alling-Åbro

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